BAS ATO Compliance

Many clients think BAS ATO Compliance is just about GST. However this is only a small part of it.

And if you’re behind on bookkeeping, we firstly recommend you read about our Catch-Up Bookkeeping Services (which we specialise in).

At Cloud 9 we have a team of registered BAS / TAX agents, licensed under the ATO.
We will ensure you are educated around your finances and how to meet your ATO obligations and BAS on time.
Part of our process is also letting you know, on a monthly basis, how much you owe the ATO ahead of time.

Did you know you can make payments to the ATO ahead of time (as often as you like), to reserve money for your BAS and IAS so that you’re always in front?

This is just one example of the ways we can tailor solutions to suit your individual needs.

We will:

  • Put you on our tax agent portal & afford you extended deadlines under our BAS Agent status.
  • Use our end-of-period processes, audit your file & professionally prepare and lodge your BAS and IAS returns.
  • Talk to, and negotiate with the ATO on your behalf, whenever you need us to.
  • Update details, arrange refunds, arrange payment plans with the ATO as needed.
  • Assist you with cash flow and keep you on track.
  • We’ll handle BAS ATO Compliance and start saving you time, money and headaches today.

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