Late ATO BAS? Call Cloud 9

Hi, this is Jeannie here.
Are you late or overdue with ATO BAS lodgement, or behind in the books?
If so, you have come to the right place.
We are your local Catch-up Bookkeeping and BAS lodgement Specialists.

Being late with your BAS obligations to the ATO, regardless of why it happens, is stressful.
If you’re in the dark about your figures and obligations, we can help.

How Cloud 9 can help with late BAS and Catch Up Bookkeeping:

  • We review your outstanding bookkeeping, BAS, PAYG (payroll tax) & superannuation obligations.

  • Create an efficient action plan for catch up bookkeeping.

  • Deal with the ATO on your behalf, including BAS lodgement extensions.

  • Create systems to help you keep on track into the future.

  • Lodge any of your outstanding and overdue BAS obligations.

Importantly, no 2 catch-up jobs are the same. They’re as unique as you are. Catch-up work is not like regular day-to-day bookkeeping work. It’s specialised and requires careful planning (for specific outcomes and to keep the cost as low as possible).

And, as registered BAS agents, once we are acting on your behalf, we’ll handle the ATO. This will include talking to them about any fines, interest or penalties you have incurred. We will then apply for penalty remissions. As BAS Agents we are also allowed ATO BAS lodgement extensions.
We’ve saved clients tens of thousands of dollars, by understanding their circumstances and then working with the tax office on remissions.

Once you’re all caught up, we’ll help you with a system to stay on track (with the latest technology to save you time and money).

Reasons to act now to get your bookkeeping, BAS & other obligations up to date:

1. Outstanding debts of older than 90 days with the ATO, will result in a damaged credit rating which can last up to 5 years.
2. To shine a light on your numbers & find out “am I making a profit”?
3. So you can sleep at night knowing it’s all sorted out.

Get rid of the stress and pressure from the ATO, and let us get your business back on track.
Suffer no more, call Cloud 9 for Late ATO BAS & Catch Up Bookkeeping today: 1300 553 974

About the Director

Hi I’m Jeannie, founder of Cloud 9 Bookkeeping + Strategy.

I have been working in Business (Finance and Operations) for over 20 years & my experience is from the ground up. From the sales floor to the back office, I’ve seen all the working parts of “the organisation”.

My broad business background drives my passion for bookkeeping and business operations.

I spent 10 years assisting an Iconic Electrical Retail Business grow from 10 million dollar to 100 million dollars before successful acquisition by a public company.

I am a registered tax agent and a qualified trainer and assessor. My personal specialties include problem solving, systems and software.

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We look forward to helping you solve your bookkeeping headaches!